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Memphis - An OC by OnceUponATimeTheySay Memphis - An OC by OnceUponATimeTheySay
Ah, my very first attempt at inking/coloring with my tablet.  *prods warily at Photoshop* I suppose it could've gone worse.  I still prefer doing things traditionally, but I need the practice for a project.  *shrug*  I like the sketch a lot better, though.

So, there's a bit of a story behind the existence of this character.  My fiancee and I have this universe that we like to write/roleplay in.  We call it Mythverse (it was originally populated by humanized versions of our Transformers, but it's expanded).  It's pretty much about incredibly pretty X-Men.  People with strange powers.  Some are aliens, or hybrids, or robots.  There are the good guys, called Myths, and the bad guys, called Shadows.  For the most part, it's one of our less miserable verses (...we like angst, okay?), but one day an alternate reality was created, where the Shadows gained too much power and the Myths had to flee Earth, to leave it to slowly fall apart.
Memphis is from that alternate reality.  He's from far in the future, when most of the population is gone.  In fact, he is one of the last (if not THE last) humans in Memphis, Tennessee.  He's got very vague memories of having a guardian when he was uber tiny, but for the most part he raised himself.  With no one to talk to, a name wasn't really required, so the first time he was asked his name, he spit out the first thing that came to mind.  He reads and writes at an elementary school level, and he learned how to speak through television, movies, and music.  His accent is...well, just think of a ransom note, made of letters cobbled together from different sources.  None of them match, and it looks really weird.  That is Memphis's accent.
Through improbable FUTURE TECHNOLOGY, Memphis was able to sporadically communicate with a guy from only marginally into the future, shortly before the Myths evacuated the planet.  That was Dieter.  One day, a Myth with the power of time travel heard about it, and managed to drag Memphis back through time (Memphis then spent about a month being horrendously sick, because his immune system was not used to other people), and it became Dieter's job to house him and help him adjust.  Memphis doesn't really like people all that much because they kind of terrify him, so they go hiking a lot.
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March 26, 2014
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